The how behind the WOW!

A breakthrough cutting experience requires breakthrough technology. And while the word “breakthrough” is probably used too frequently, this is one instance it’s warranted. Midwest® design engineers have virtually rewritten the science behind high-speed air-driven handpieces to create the most powerful, efficient and effortless cutting experience ever.

Under load, the Midwest® Stylus™ ATC maintains 330,000 RPM while others lose bur speed or begin chattering.

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Speed-Sensing Intelligence (SSI)
By incorporating SSI technology, Midwest Engineers added a sensor to the handpiece that connects to an electronic "brain" in the control source that constantly maintains bur speed according to load. It knows when to deliver more power.

• Delivers constant speed under load for unmatched cutting efficiency and faster removal of material
• Automatically optimizes power to virtually eliminate stalling and the need to make frequent adjustments
• Adjusts speed when the bur is not under load to minimize wear on handpiece bearings
• Most powerful air-driven handpiece

Superior Turbine Suspension (STS)
Midwest® optimized the axial preload with independent radial support to the bearings, providing unparalleled stiffness even at the highest load and speed without noticeable bur deflection or chatter.

• Allows the handpiece to operate at speeds of 330,000 RPM without noticeable bur deflection or chattering for better control and precision
• Creates a greater, more consistent transference of power from the handpiece to the bur for maximized cutting efficiency
• Allows you to control the degree of precision you need, time after time
• Delivers smooth precision and control for margin refinement and restorative procedures