And a few more WOWs!

We could go on and on about the new Midwest® Stylus™ ATC handpiece. But we really don’t want you to just take our word for it. Here are dentists who’ve been WOW!ed by their experiences using the ATC in their practices.


Dr. Harvey Wingarten Dr. Harvey Weingarten
Family Dental Health Corporation
South Bend, Indiana


"The ATC is the coolest handpiece ever. Here are the reasons I love it.

  1. It fits in your hand great and is ergonomic. It is a comfortable, small handpiece. The light is very bright and the connector snaps on and swivels well.


  1. I use the ATC for almost everything. It is a total departure from traditional air turbine thinking and use. I refer to dentists using air turbines as "peckers" because we cut in a rev rev rev fashion. When we load the bur the head speed drops and we back off until the head speed comes back up. Then we start all over again. Hence we peck at the job until we are done. The ATC increases efficiency dramatically allowing you to place the bur, load and go until you are done. When you first use the ATC you may notice that you peck at the work until you realize the handpiece will keep up with you without slowing down. ATC's combine the best features of electric (torque) and air (speed) handpieces. You can engage the tooth where you want and have consistent power and consistent speed for almost anything you want to do. The ATC really is a game changer.
  2. ATC's shine in procedures where we need extra torque and good tactile feel such as in a crown removal or an endo access through a tough restoration. You have the power and torque you need as you engage the bur yet the tactile feel is superb when you enter tooth structure. It melts through the toughest non precious metals and porcelain alike. The power shift to the turbine when it is needed is immediate and imperceptible. Again this really is a technology shift in handpiece thinking and design.
  3. Compared to the other handpieces we use the ATC has more torque that our air turbines and it is smaller, more ergonomic and faster than our electrics.
  4. Finally, these are well built handpieces. Ours are used multiple times each day and have not required any maintenance."

Dr. Rand Mattson
Roy, Utah


Dr. Curtis Gleaton Dr. Curtis Gleaton
Gleaton DDS
Arlington, Texas


“The ATC is one of the best equipment purchases I've made in the last twenty years. I didn't have to make a lot of changes to my delivery system, the handpiece size didn't differ from what I have been used to, and supplied me with all the torque I needed for my restorative needs. I have no regrets-buy it!”
Dr. Greg Chang
Surrey, British Columbia


Dr. Sylvia Gleaton Dr. Sylvia Gleaton
Gleaton DDS
Arlington, Texas


“To date it is the best handpiece I have ever invested in and it’s an awesome handpiece any Dentists can lay their hands on. It's efficient, clean and fast cutting technology is something that blew me away. Cutting a bridge or crown was just a breeze and I save so much chair time. The power is unbelievable!!! It’s very easy to maintain and I absolutely love my ATC handpieces and so do our patients.”
Dr. Andrew Liu
Kamloops, British Columbia


Dr. David Little Dr. David Little
Professionals in Dentistry
San Antonio, Texas


“Dentsply's development of the ATC provides the best of both worlds - the form factor of a conventional handpiece with the ability to provide increased torque of an electric handpiece. My ATC gets cleaned, lubricated and sterilized just like my old high-speed did. I like the fact that the ATC runs in high-torque, "turbo mode", only when I need it, extending the life of my turbines. And the best part is - the ATC is roughly half the cost of putting an electric handpiece into an operatory. Switching to the ATC was a "no-brainer"."
Dr. Bob Coles
Surrey, British Columbia